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Unauthorised personnel detection

In hazardous working environments, any unauthorised personnel entering a restricted zone can be extremely dangerous. HaloGuard automatically detects the exact location of unauthorised personnel using optical ranging cameras with machine vision technology. HaloGuard is used in combination with Crew Hawk’s real-time location tracking system to locate every individual in the work area. Any unauthorised personnel causes an alarm to trigger and an alert is sent directly to the area authority.

Authorised personnel are issued with wearable Crew Hawk® Personnel Locators (PL).

Personnel Locators track authorised personnel throughout zones and restricted areas.

Any unauthorised personnel entering these areas are detected by HaloGuard’s ranging cameras called Orbs.

HaloGuard then triggers an alarm alerting area authority to the presence of unauthorised personnel.

Incident investigation

Each time an alarm is triggered HaloGuard logs a video of the incident providing a definite source of truth.

This data includes time intervals immediately preceding the alarms for further inspection by system administrators. The video’s playback feature allows for additional scrutiny of any incidents.

The Hawk analytics platform investigates the data. Insights gained can be used in after-action reviews and can help contribute to improving operational efficiency.

“This deployment once again showcases Transocean’s ability to develop and advance innovation within offshore drilling. We believe HaloGuard℠ will be a differentiating safety system that others will want to utilize within our industry and potentially within other industries as well.”
Jeremy Thigpen
President & CEO
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A world connecting though a digital cloud and delivering into IIoT.

Unified IIoT platform

The Hawk Platform is Salunda’s patented, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solution.

Salunda’s suite of monitoring solutions, as well as third-party devices, leverage this proprietary, low-latency network across the globe.

Two men standing close a red zone in a hazardous environment.

Red zone monitoring

Crew Hawk tracks the location of personnel through a wearable device to provide accurate, real-time monitoring and sends alerts when zones are breached.

Fingerboard latches

Fingerboard latch monitoring

Latch Hawk monitors the status of fingerboards and safety critical equipment in real-time eliminating the need for a spotter or camera.

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