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Smart products for smart tracking

Salunda’s Hawk Platform offers a full hardware and software stack with products targeted at delivering enhanced safety and condition monitoring for a range of operators and service companies. While Latch Hawk is predominantly deployed on drilling rigs to monitor the status of fingerboards, Crew Hawk and HaloGuard can be deployed in any dynamic, harsh environment where the safety of personnel and equipment is a priority.

Two men standing close a red zone in a hazardous environment.

Red zone monitoring

Crew Hawk tracks the location of personnel through a wearable device to provide accurate, real-time monitoring and sends alerts when zones are breached.

Fingerboard latches

Fingerboard latch monitoring

Latch Hawk monitors the status of fingerboards and safety critical equipment in real-time eliminating the need for a spotter or camera.

Man being monitored by a camera in a hazardous area.

Detect unauthorised personnel

Used in combination with Crew Hawk’s wearable devices, HaloGuard additionally employs ranging cameras to detect personnel in restricted zones and hazardous areas.

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