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Robust, networked sensors for oilfield machinery, drilling and metering.


With decades of experience of sensor design for harsh environments, Salunda is a trusted partner for delivery of equipment and fluids monitoring solutions. We integrate products based on patented sensor technology. This core technology interrogates the complex electrical permittivity of a material to derive information on its composition & physical properties.

Our technology has excellent stability over a wide range of environmental conditions including extreme temperatures, pressures and salinities. Over the past decade, Salunda has delivered applications for the aerospace, motorsport, mining and oil exploration industries.

Crew Hawk™

Personnel and equipment location monitoring

Crew Hawk™ tracks the physical location of personnel and moving equipment on the drill floor, providing real-time red zone monitoring to reduce the risk of collisions and other incidents.

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Latch Hawk® Wireless

Fingerboard latch monitoring solution

Latch Hawk® Wireless is a fingerboard latch monitoring system. The simple retrofittable sensors are designed for a quick and simple installation.

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Rapidly Track Drilling Fluids

MudChecker™ increases productivity while drilling.  Instead of waiting hours to complete 'mud checks' using traditional retort and titration, you can get results in minutes using MudChecker™.

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Latch Hawk

Fingerboard Latch Monitor

Pipe handling during drilling is frequently risky. Dropped pipe accidents occur when fingerboard latches break, or malfunction. Latch Hawk™ is a fully certified, retrofittable safety barrier that monitors latch condition.

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