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Robust, networked sensors for oilfield machinery, drilling and metering.

Oilfield Machinery


Minute changes in shaft motion can be used to diagnose machine health.  Our custom monitoring solutions detect wear and predict failure.

Condition monitoring

Patented technology from Salunda can be used to detect changes in motion of less than one micron. Sensor technology is packaged into custom formats and used to scan critical parts inside rotating machinery such as shafts for wear characteristics such as axial shift, vibration and speed. Failure may be predicted by detecting eccentric motion or ‘orbiting’.

Robust and reliable in harsh environments

The core technology is patented by Salunda and was originally used to monitor turbine blades inside jet engines.  This sensor technology has been proven in jet engines and oilfield pumps, withstanding high shock, vibration and temperatures of over 1,000 C.

Superior stability

A key feature is stability. Sensors scan moving parts and drift is minimal. Results are unaffected by changes to temperature, surface contamination, EMC or debris.

Flexibility – fits into your product

The solution comprises three components – a sensor probe that is mounted within range of its target (e.g. shaft, rotor, piston or valve stem), a connecting cable and a module housing signal conditioning electronics and interfaces. A major advantage is cable length – passive probes may be mounted in extreme conditions and remotely connected to electronics via industry standard cable (coax or twisted pair) hundreds of meters in length.

Field replacement

Sensor probes are line replaceable and may be switched in service.

OEM solutions

Packages are available for integration with OEM equipment.  Probes may be packaged for available space, and compact control modules mounted in existing enclosures alongside OEM electronics.

Where it is used

Downhole and submersible pumps, subsea pumps, compressors, mud motors, slurry pumps, stimulation pumps and gas turbines.


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