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Multiphase Salinity and Water Cut


Water can flood and ultimately kill producing wells.  Our online water cut and salinity technology detects water breakthrough.

Waterflood and water breakthrough

Water injection is used to maintain pressure and optimize hydrocarbon recovery from mature oilfields (i.e. ‘waterflood’ or water drive).  After a time, water will breakthrough and flood a well. In some wells breakthrough can lead to dehydration, scale and liquid loading – killing production.

Water cut and salinity

Accurate salinity measurement and water cut can determine when injected water vs. formation water has broken through the oil-bearing rocks, detect the source of water and map out communicating layers, predict corrosion, scale and hydrate formation and even calculate reservoir saturation. Monitoring the water cut and salinity of produced fluids is crucial for flow assurance, and extending the lifetime of the well.

The trend is your friend

By measuring the salinity of fluids inline it will be possible to continuously distinguish between injected water and formation water to determine and adjust the efficiency of a ‘sweep’, and monitor a salinity trend. A significant change in the salinity of produced water indicates that injected water has broken through to the producing well – a big problem since liquid loading can kill and ‘shut in’ gas wells.

Save on sampling

Sensor cost is far less than that of the current practice, which is to collect samples for remote laboratory analysis. Collecting samples where flows are co-mingled in a pipeline network, or at onshore tiebacks many miles from producing wells, means results are too late and erroneous.  Sample retrieval from a producing offshore well is a lengthy and unsafe process with high service costs, such as using ROVs in deep water.

Deferred production

Testing delays can lead to flooding of a well and production curtailment.  The cost of current practice is high in terms of deferred production during well testing.

Here is the deal

The technology provides inline multiphase salinity measurement at a price that makes the application of water injection to boost extraction economic for land based wells: a market of hundreds of thousands of oil and gas wells.

Solid state technology

Our solutions can provide real time, in-situ measurement of well fluids. The technology is solid-state, non-invasive and highly stable – suitable for downhole deployment. A feature is high dynamic range – measuring from 0 to 100% water cut, as well as measuring and compensating for very high salinity levels.


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