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The MudChecker™  drilling fluid analyser provides repeatable oil, water, solid and salinity measurements traditionally taken via a retort and titration test.

The measurement process takes just a few minutes to complete. This allows for more frequent testing, meaning changes in composition can be quickly identified, ensuring the optimum drilling rate is maintained and target depth (TD) is reached sooner.

The device is provided with accompanying MudChecker™ software which allows for results to be exported in CSV format for formal record keeping.

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Traceable Mud Logs

A date & time stamp is recorded electronically against every measurement taken providing a comprehensive log of oil, water, solid & salinity measurements and the date and time in which these were taken. This audit trail can be critical when inspecting and validating results from a well. Records are automatically imported into the accompanying MudChecker software when the device is connected via USB; these records can be exported in CSV for further analysis and formal record keeping.

Speedy Measurements

Oil, water, solid & salinity measurements of your drilling fluid sample can be taken in minutes using the MudChecker. Speedier drilling mud measurements mean that tests can be carried out at more regular intervals reducing costs on drilling fluids and additives. Regular measurements are particularly useful when drilling through complex formations, or during underbalanced and for managed pressure drilling (MPD), where maintaing the composition of the drilling fluid is critical to the wells stability.

Accurate, Repeatable Results

MudChecker percentage composition measurements have a standard deviation of 2.5% when compared to results from traditional retort and titration methods. Measurements are highly reproducible, repeated tests on the same sample produce % compositions within 0.5%. The device also measures & compensates for the temperature of each measurement taken.

MudChecker Calculations

Once you have installed the accompanying MudChecker software and the device is connected via USB, results stored on the device will be automatically imported into the MudChecker software. Historic results are organised on a navigation panel within the interface meaning users can navigate between records with ease. Within the measurement records users can view oil, water & solid content %. The record will also display the oil/water ratio (OWR), oil/brine ratio (OBR) and water-phase salinity. API 13-B2 calculations are performed automatically to display retort equivalent results, salinity & total solids.

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Product features

  • Composition of oil-based drilling fluids in minutes
  • Displays oil, solid and water volumes to +/- 2.5%
  • Reports OWR and water-phase salinity (WPS)
  • Log, export and print-out results providing audit-ability
  • A safer alternative to retort and titration testing
  • Hand-held water & solvent proof with no moving parts
  • Robust, easy to clean stainless steel probes

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