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Latch Hawk

Today’s operators are determined to eliminate unsafe practices during offshore drilling. Handling of pipe and casing during drilling operations can result in dropped pipe incidents.

With daily spread costs exceeding $500k, downtime incurs massive costs and huge penalties.  Latch Hawk is a safety barrier designed to stop accidents, minimize NPT and safely accelerate drilling operations.


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Dropped pipe incidents

Tubulars are stacked in the fingerboard and secured using latches. Most MODUs have no closed loop feedback, so malfunctioning latches must be detected manually leading to accidents, damage and slow pipe handling operations.

Latch Hawk safety barrier

The Latch Hawk may be retrofitted to a wide variety of fingerboard latches and wired into the control system to serve as a safety barrier. Latch Hawk feedback prevents dropped pipe by ensuring handling equipment remains engaged until latch is closed.


Direct direction, error-free

A Latch Hawk may be installed on all latch variants to feedback their position and status. An authentic safety barrier, the Latch Hawk takes a direct measurement of latch position and is not prone to errors of indirect methods. A key feature is that the solution does not rely on indirect measurement of latch position based on monitoring actuators, visual means or cameras, valve position or line pressure.


Tough, patented technology

Latch position is detected by a sensor array that scans latch surfaces. This patented technology was originally developed to monitor jet turbine blades and is highly robust and stable.

Retrofittable, with secondary retention

The solution may be easily retrofitted to all main latch variants by simply fastening onto the same bolts used to secure the latch in place. Secondary retention is provided through the use of two bolts.

Robust, reliable and fully certified

Latch Hawk is an intrinsically safe solution that has been fully certified by DNV-GL for use on MODUs, and is certified to ATEX and IECEx. Latch Hawk is specified to 200,000 fingerboard latch cycles. Product testing includes extreme conditions e.g. ice, drilling fluids and salt spray.

Market leading rig packages

The product is available through market leaders for integration with their rig packages and control systems. A user friendly display provides instant feedback to operators on latch status at all times – guaranteeing fast, safe handling operations at all times.

Available for all rig packages – upgrade now!

Latch Hawk™ represents a major enhancement to MODU safety and speed of operations. Leading drilling contractors and operators have already opted for Latch Hawk. Variants are available both for new build and retrofit to legacy jack-up, semi-sub and drillship rig packages. Get in touch now with your requirements!

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Pipe handling equipment

II 2G Non-Mining products, Group II, Category 2 for use in atmospheres potentially containing gas/vapour mist
IECEx Zone 1 & 2, Gas Group IIA & IIB, T3
ATEX Zone 1 & 2, Gas Group IIA & IIB, T3

Certificates numbers:

IECEx BAS 15.0010X Issue 2



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