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Robust, networked sensors for oilfield machinery, drilling and metering.

Latch Hawk Wireless

Latch Hawk Wireless™ is the first wireless safety solution for pipe handling.

A wireless network of  retrofittable fingerboard latch sensors provide direct confirmation of fingerboard latch position to operators in real-time, reducing the risk of dropped pipe incidents, eliminating the need for a spotter and allowing operators to monitor the condition of latches and execute predictive maintenance when necessary.

The simple locking nut design means sensors can quickly and easily be retrofitted to existing fingerboard latches during routine downtime.

A visual representation of fingerboard latch position is displayed within the intrinsic, proprietary software.

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Improve Tubular Handling Safety

Fingerboard latches are in the closed position by default, when an operator wants to open a latch to rack a new pipe/remove a pipe they will send a signal to the valve cabinet to activate the solenoid for the latch specified. This should then open the latch in order for the pipe to be placed and secured in place or removed from the fingerboard. However this is not always the case, latches can become seized up over time, or leaking pipes can lead to a lack of pressure, which can lead to dropped pipe incidents. The Latch Hawk Wireless™ provides a direct confirmation of fingerboard latch position, confirming whether a latch is in an open, closed or intermediate position, preventing incidents and eliminating the need to have a spotter at deck level.

Retrofit to Existing Latches

The Latch Hawk Wireless™ is designed for retrofittable installation to existing fingerboard latches. The simple locking nut design means sensors can be installed within seconds, allowing for installation during routine downtime. The simple design means no adjustments to existing latches are required.

Fingerboard Latch Condition Based Monitoring

Latch Hawk™ proprietary software allows operators to drill down and track individual latch metrics including number of latch cycles. This allows operators to quickly identify faulty latches and schedule routine maintenance avoiding the risk of latch malfunction and non-productive down time (NPT). The Latch Hawk Wireless™ monitoring system can be integrated via PROFIBUS DP into control systems.

Wireless Network of Proprietary Sensors

The Latch Hawk Wireless™ is designed with a sophisticated wireless network allowing for minimal interference with existing components. The network of latch sensors send data to gateways. The gateway units then send this data wirelessly to a concentrator unit which is connect via Ethernet cable to a HMI display in the operators cabin.

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Latch Hawk Wireless

Product Features

  • Real-time confirmation of latch position & condition
  • Quick, retrofittable installation to existing fingerboard latch systems
  • Simple, robust design – materials resistant to UV & drilling muds
  • HMI displays latch position & status in real-time
  • Integrate with OEM fingerboard system
  • Condition based monitoring of latches
  • Eliminate the need for spotters



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