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Latch Hawk® Wireless

Latch Hawk® Wireless is a fingerboard latch monitoring solution that protects your crew and assets from dropped pipe and ghost pipe incidents by providing direct confirmation of fingerboard latch status and by identifying the presence of tubulars adjacent to the latch in real-time.

Fingerboard latch status and tubular tally is displayed within the proprietary Latch Hawk® software allowing the drilling crew to monitor the fingerboard status in real-time, alternatively Latch Hawk can be integrated with OEM drilling software eliminating the need for a spotter and manual tubular tally.

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Verification of latch status and tubular detection

Latch Hawk Software

At present, racker operators rely on a visual inspection of fingerboard latches to confirm commands sent from the drilling control system are consistent with the physical position of fingerboard latches and manual tubular tallies are correct. In challenging conditions this can lead to ambiguity, increasing the risk of dropped pipe and ghost pipe incidents.

The Latch Hawk® wireless system significantly reduces risk by providing operators with a real-time latch status and confirmation of the presence of tubulars adjacent to a latch. The solution utilises proprietary electromagnetic sensor technologies.

Rapid, retrofittable installation

Fginerboard Latch Installation

Latch Hawk® Wireless is designed for retrofittable installation to existing fingerboard latches. The innovative locking screw design means sensors can be installed within seconds, allowing for installation during routine downtime. Additional drops redundancy is provided by a retaining lanyard. The simple design means no adjustments to existing latches are required.

Proprietary wireless network

National Oilwell Varco Fingerboard

Salunda’s proprietary Hawk wireless network can support thousands of wireless Latch Hawk® devices. The sophisticated network utilises a series of gateway devices to relay feedback from multiple latch sensors to a single concentrator device.

OEM integration

Latch Hawk® Wireless can be operated as a stand-alone monitoring system or alternatively integrated with OEM drilling software via Profibus DP communication.

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Product Features

  • Largest wireless network offshore
  • Real-time confirmation of latch status
  • Eliminate manual tubular tallies with tubular detection feature
  • Quick, retrofittable installation
  • Simple, robust design – materials resistant to UV & drilling muds
  • HMI displays latch status in real-time
  • Integrate with OEM fingerboard system



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