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Fuel quality varies greatly across regions. Fuel blends can do permanent harm to shipping, production equipment, generators and vehicles. Diesel mixed with high levels of biofuel damages plant and machinery. In fact, up to 80% of engine problems stem from poor quality or contaminated diesel.

DieselProve™ is a tough, hand-held screening tool that measures biodiesel in diesel, and spots impurities such as vegetable oil, white spirit and water. DieselProve™ is patented and exclusively manufactured by Salunda, and resold by Delphi as the YDT553 Delphi Fuel Analyzer.


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Fuel blends and engine life

Engine tolerance of lower quality fuels varies. Research has proven that high biodiesel blends can cause oil ‘gelling’, injector deposits, blocked filters and seal degradation – ultimately shorter engine life.


Why are problems caused?

Today’s engine and injectors are designed for high quality diesel fuel which meets the recommended fuel standards. Diesel with a higher blend of biofuel is too ‘thick’ for most systems because of the greater viscosity of the raw oils.


Biodiesel is much more solvent than pure diesel fuels, meaning it picks up contamination when flowing through the injection system. Biodiesels are more susceptible to microbial degradation than diesel fuels and likely to cause problems to sensitive injection systems.

Engine damage and repairs

Issues experienced can range from poor running and smoking, or filter, seal and injector failure to even complete engine failure. Cost of repair can be anything from $100 injector repair, to engine replacement outside warranty for $10,000s.

Save on plant and machinery downtime

Plant and machinery downtime costs to shipping, mining, agricultural and oilfield operations could run to $100,000s of deferred production.

DieselProve™ screening tool

Salunda has developed the innovative DieselProve™ screening tool as a check on fuel quality. In only thirty seconds, DieselProve™ can tell you if diesel meets the EN590 standard.

DieselProve™ diagnoses potential fuel contamination problems in minutes. Proprietary software provides a printed report of the biodiesel content of a fuel sample.

Instant results – instant action

Using this data, the user can immediately identify whether there is an unacceptable amount of biodiesel present, or impurities which will have damaged engine filters, seals or injectors.

Less than 50 ml of fuel required for a test. This tool ideal for workshops receiving only system components, or garages carrying out vehicle servicing, since samples can be taken from the fuel pump or the filter.

Product features
  • Thirty second analysis of diesel/biodiesel content
  • Displays biodiesel percentage +/-1%
  • Immediate identification of contaminated fuel
  • Robust, hand-held enclosure – water and solvent proof
  • Proprietary software to report and print out results
  • Low power battery operated unit with USB interface
  • Easy to clean stainless steel sensor
Here’s what you get:
  • Hand-held DieselProve™ tool with USB interface
  • Mains adapter with interchangeable European & American adapters
  • Kit of 3 x 50ml measuring tubes
  • Quick start guide featuring the code table & descriptions
  • Installation CD including user manuals and proprietary reporting software



DieselProve is available for immediate and secure online purchase. If you have any questions before you purchase, please contact us on +44 (0)1865 331 000 and we will be happy to answer all questions.

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