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Robust, networked sensors for oilfield machinery, drilling and metering.

Crew Hawk®

Crew Hawk® tracks the physical location of personnel and moving equipment on the drill floor, providing real-time red zone monitoring to reduce the risk of collisions and other incidents.

IECEx and ATEX certified for Zone 1

atex certified zone monitoring


Red zone detection and anti-collision 

Crew and assets can be exposed to significant risk on a drill floor; heavy equipment moves near personnel carrying out specific manual tasks in tandem such as the placing of manual slips. While every step is taken to avoid incidents, there remains a risk of collision particularly where field of view is restricted, or there is no line of sight to equipment operators.

The Crew Hawk® solution is comprised of a series of personnel and equipment locators that are rapidly retrofitted to drilling assets and crew PPE – providing direct feedback of their position on the drill-floor. This information is then displayed within Salunda’s intuitive Crew Hawk® software providing equipment operators with a live, uninterrupted view of equipment and personnel movement on the drill floor. Additionally, personnel locators are equipped with an audible alarm that can be triggered to alert crew of imminent danger.

Hawk™ proprietary wireless network

The Crew Hawk® system exploits Salunda’s proprietary RF network: Hawk™. The Hawk™ platform features very low latency and low power consumption – ideal for critical offshore monitoring applications. Our platform allows for the monitoring of thousands of wireless equipment and personnel locators at any one-time, relaying thousands of messages and providing operators with complete coverage of the rig.

Rapid field deployment 

The Crew Hawk™ system has been designed for rapid, retrofit installation to operational rigs without incurring downtime of equipment or personnel. Personnel locators include retrofit mounting features designed to be fixed to commonplace crew PPE. Equipment locators and gateways are magnetically retrofitted to rig equipment and structures. Secondary retention is provided by a retaining lanyard. The simple architecture of the system ensures rapid installation, reliability and quick return on investment.

OEM integration 

Crew Hawk® can be operated as a stand-alone monitoring system or alternatively integrated with 3rd party OEM drilling software to drive interlocks and anti-collision logic. The Hawk™ network features interfaces to OEM systems using standard protocols such as Profibus or EtherCat.

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